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Fundraising is critical to the success of our school.  The more we raise, the more extra-curricular programs we can implement.  Currently, some of the programs we are funding are Education Through Music program, library, assemblies (such as Pioneer Days) and classroom field trips.  With increased funding, we can expand upon our current offerings.  Some possibilities include an anti-bullying program, tutors, sports, art…  The list is infinite.  As a Parents Club Member, you get to vote on where our money is spent.  But, we need to raise the money first.  So, come join us and have fun raising money for our school.


VVPC Ed FundEducation Fund

The VVPC brings several amazing programs to Valley View.  We can’t do any of this without the generous donations from folks like you.



Music FundMusic Fund

Two of the three music program at Valley View are completely paid for by the VVPC.  These programs have been a huge hit at our school and help us stand out from other schools.  Help keep this program going and donate today.



Money In HandMerchant Subscriptions

These are easy, no-cost-to-you ways of raising money for Valley View.  Just keep grocery shopping where you always go and they’ll send money to our school.



fallfestival-main1Fall Festival

The Fall Festival is a great time for all.  We have carnival games, raffles, music, and even a pumpkin patch.  Come have fun and bring your friends, family and neighbors.



Cookie Sale

Just in time for the holidays.  Get your family and friends hooked on these fabulous ready-to-bake cookies, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls and more.

Bunny Hop

We always have a hopping good time at the Bunny Hop.  This is a great way to extend your fundraising to your broader community through a sponsor program.  Folks want to support our children and our school!  This gives them a chance.

Holiday Gift ShopHoliday Gift Shoppe

The holiday gift shop is for the entire family.  This has traditionally been a great time for the students to learn about money, like how to count it and how to budget.  The shop is open during the day for the children and at night for the adults.  So, come on and get into the holiday spirit at the VVPC Holiday Gift Shop.



Grant tree image


Grants can help us extend our fundraising abilities because it doesn’t have to come directly from the community.  Money is out there waiting to be dispersed.  However, finding and writing grants takes time and effort.  Be a part and help bring funding at Valley View to a new level.