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Bunny Hop

BunnyHop1The Bunny Hop is our spring fundraiser.  We raise money through student sponsorship.  They have a great time doing the Hop.  They run around a bunny course and hop on different legs at the challenge section.  The goal is to do as many laps as possible in 15 minutes.  At each lap, they get a popsicle stick to verify the number of laps they do.  All the while, music is playing and they are being refreshed by freshly spritzed water.  It all ends with counting their sticks and receiving a certificate, drinking a cup of refreshing water, and of course, a carrot!

Images of Event

Images: (1) The Course, (2) Refreshing Spritz, (3) Certificates, Drinks, and Carrots.

 DSCN2582 DSCN2587 DSCN2596


Instead of getting sponsored per lap, we ask for a flat donation.  This makes it easier for those donating because they can control the amount.  For the student, it makes the overall process easier because they can ask for the money on the spot and they don’t have to come back to collect the money.  Students can raise money in many ways with their parents’ help:

  1. Show up at their parent’s work and ask for donations,
  2. Ask their neighbors,
  3. Stand in front of the grocery store,
  4. Ask their grandparents’ friends.

Parents can help, too, by asking their colleagues at work.

The truth is, folks want to help.  People love kids and want the opportunity to help contribute to their success!  So go out there and make a difference for Valley View.

Payment Options

People can sponsor a student with cash or online using a credit card.  For the  cash option the student needs to fill out the sponsor sheet for all cash that is collected.  If folks would rather pay by credit card, they can click on the “Donate” button found on the right of this page.  Be sure they include the student’s name and their teacher when asked during the online payment.



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