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Get Involved with VVPC

Take the 2 HOUR POWER pledge!

Become more than just a member.  Become a contributor!  Feel the pride that comes with working with the Parents Club.  Have only a few hours a year to spare?  No problem.  Pick what you want to do from a wide variety of activities and programs.  Want to make a larger impact?  You can manage one of the smaller programs.  Want to really make a difference?  Then be a chairperson for a large program or fundraiser.  Whatever you choose to do, you will help make our school great and a place to be proud of.

To learn more about the 2 HOUR POWER pledge Click Here.

To download the 2 HOUR POWER pledge sheet Click Here.

To see a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities Click Here.

Once you have filled out your sheet, e-mail it to Lydia Steinauer at LSteinauer@sbcglobal.net. You don’t need to be a VVPC member to help out and volunteer your time.  However, membership allows one to vote during the member meetings.  Also, membership is free.  To become a member or get more information Click Here.

Thanks for your interest and commitment to Valley View.


Some activities require the person to be registered through the district as a Volunteer.  These folks will be issued a “Volunteer Badge.”  See the district’s “Volunteer Service Reference Guide” for more information.

For FREE Fingerprinting dates as a part of the process of becoming a volunteer, please see HERE.

To sign up to receive the VVPC Weekly Communications, please visit HERE.