Fundraising is critical to the success of our school because it allows us to offer our student’s opportunities that they would otherwise miss out on.  The more we raise, the more extra-curricular programs we can implement.  Currently, some of the programs we are funding are Education Through Music program, Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA), Anti-Bullying and Social-Emotional Programs, library enrichment, assemblies (such as Pioneer Days), and classroom field trips.  With increased funding, we can expand upon our current offerings.  Some possibilities include tutors, sports, Science, Art…  the list is infinite.  As a Parents Club Member, you get to vote on where our money is spent.  But, we need to raise the money first.  So, come join us and have fun raising money for our school!

Each year we ask VV families to donate some amount, suggested $150/student, to help fund expenses like the music program, opera program, playground support services, reading intervention, art and science enrichment programs, study trip support, assemblies, and much more. The Parent’s Club works hard to work these activities and supports to ALL students.

This campaign is open all year round, and is 100% tax deductible. Please donate today, or consider signing up for a reoccurring donation so make it easier to contribute what you can now and later.

As a 501c3 non-profit, all donations are tax exempt, and our Tax ID is 94-2330815.

Don’t forget to ask if your employer matches charitable donations!

A donation of $125 or more earns a free t-shirt!